"Taking pine from Home Depot, sanding it, coating it with emulsifying stinking solution, he takes overhead projector acetate 8x11 sheets and zips them through a printer whereby his digital images receive a colorful shower of color whereby he takes these sticky sheets and carefully applies them to the moist sanded planks. Voila. Block printing, 21st century style."

"What makes Ashby's art fun is the way he slices things, cuts the images into pieces in the form of diptychs and triptychs...for me, it felt like looking at the world through window panes."

-Tom Ryan PresentMagazine.com

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"Wood being a "rustic" material, Ashby's Photography exudes a homespun, nostalgic charm (enhanced by the faded appearance of the images themselves). The houses could be anyone's....and yet, there's a sense of I know this place."

-Steve Brisendine ereview.org

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